4-Hour 3Story® Training

YFC anticipates that all chapters and affiliates will train their boards, staff and volunteers in 3Story®. In addition, we strongly suggest that chapters and affiliates host 3Story® training events for their ministry partners. This event is approximately 4 hours long including breaks.

Resources for this Training include: 

  • The Complete Planning Guide 
    • This document will help you prepare for the 3Story® Training. This includes a list of supplies you will need, printing to be done, steps to prepare yoru team, tips on how to manage your time, action items, an attendance sheet template, Immediate and Transformational survey questions, and step by step event instructions including a sample schedule. 
  • 3Story® Leader Script
    • Detailed script to help facilitate a 3Story® Training. (Don't wing it.) We recommend that teachers practice and learn their material well before any training event. There are places were the teacher will need to insert teir own story so you will need to spend some time preparing to make sure your story fits the timeline. 
    • Practice! Practice! Practice! Out loud is best. Seriously, don't just read the script. Read it out loud and do your best to memorize sections. 
    • Every element of the 3Story® Training has a specific and overall purpose. They also build on each other, so it is imperative that you not skip any section. 
  • 3Story® Training PowerPoint
    • This is a complete PowerPoint for the 3Story® Training, including embedded videos. NOTE: In order to see the videos included, you must be in the Slide Show Presentation format. 
    • As with the script, you must spend time in preparation. We reommend you enlist an additional person to help you move through the slides and practice the training togehter.

If you have any questions or challenges with the resources, please contact training@yfc.net