Leadership Development Continuum

Introduction to the Leadership Development Continuum

Christ-centered Leadership Developement Continuum

Authentic Christ-sharing Relationships Leadership Development Continuum 

Storytellers Leadership Development Continuum

Welcome to the Leadership Development Continuum!  This continuum has had a long journey with many hands refining it along the way.  Our deep desire was to create a path of development for ALL who contribute to the YFC ministry.  Whether you are paid or not, whether you work directly with students or support the ministry from behind the scenes, this resource was created for you.  We all need equipping, encouragement, and growth. 

The goal of this continuum is to give both individuals and supervisors competency areas in which to pursue training in order to become more fully equipped. Some of the training will happen on your own, some may be offered regionally or nationally, some will be online and some will likely be outside of the YFC organization.  You and your supervisor may choose the topics and the timing in order to grow in the areas that most need attention.

As we created this continuum, we landed in a narrative that helps us categorize learning topics: 


As you look at these resources, you will notice a definition of one of the five categories (underlined above) and ten YFC leadership roles. Choose the role that most closely aligns to your job and jump in. This first topic is Christ-centered Leaders. The next topic coming will be Authentic Christ-sharing Relationships (end of May). In coming months, we will release one for each of the remaining categories.

After you find your role, click away and discover reflective questions to ask yourself. These will help you self-assess areas where you are excelling and areas where you need more development. You will also find competencies and as you click on those, there are back pages to help you discover resources and training experiences that will assist your growth. 

Your leadership development journey is one we hope you will take with your supervisor, so use this as the two of you plan your pathway. We have laid this out so it is more about equipping at ever deepening levels than checking off requirements.  Think of this as a roadmap to becoming the leader God has called you to be.

For entry-level staff, we still have the blueprint that prescribes your first two years of learning. Upon completion of your credential or certification, jump into the continuum. 

We trust this new journey will be used by God to produce both spiritual and missional fruit in your life. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email training@yfc.net and we will be happy to get in touch.

If you’re not familiar with Prezi; when you begin select full screen. You will find arrows in the bottom ribbon which will take you through the entire presentation. If you desire to only see specific roles you can select them from the gray puzzle page.