Online Orientation & 5 Essentials Overview

The online orientation course will introduce you to all things YFC. You will gain a deeper understanding of our mission statement and history as a movement that continues to grow today. You will discover the values that anchor us in relational ministry with lost kids including 3Story and 5 Essentials. You will explore our national ministries and their unique frameworks for connecting with lost kids. You will learn to effectively navigate and utilize website resources. Our hope is that you come away feeling encouraged and equipped to move forward in your ministry with Youth For Christ/USA.

The 5 Essentials Overview introduces WHAT the 5 Essentials are, WHY they are critical to our mission, and HOW our practice of them in YFC is boosted through ministry site missional communities.

To access the Online Training system:

  1. Login to YFC IMPACT (using your Impact user name and password)
  2. Click on the Training banner at the top
  3. Follow the Online Training link
  4. Use your YFC Impact user name and password to login to Online Training (hosted by Learn Socially)
  5. Once in the system, select the "Learn" tab at the top (both classes are in the "Leadership Blueprint" module)

If you don’t have an Impact login, talk with your chapter manager.

Cost: Free

Faculty: National Ministry Support Team

Prerequisites: None

How to get credit: Once you have completed these courses, login to (with your Impact credentials) and request completion for both classes. This will keep you on track as you move toward your credential or certification. More information on tracking your progress through credentialing here.