We have a rich legacy of people development in YFC and since 2009, the Leadership Blueprint has given full-time, part-time, and volunteer staff a strong foundation in ministry.

Our goal is to give staff a deep grasp of the 5 Essentials and 3Story, the dynamics and particulars of each national ministry, and to reaffirm the value of a deep abiding relationship with Jesus as the most important aspect of their ministry.

3 Leadership Blueprint tracks offered:

Veteran staff who are interested in taking part in various training events are welcome.  In fact, our desire is to expose veteran staff to many pieces of the Blueprint in hopes they might facilitate a training experience in the future.


Tracking Your Progress Through Credentialing

YFC staff track their own progress through the Leadership Blueprint. The tracking system allows you to indicate what you have completed, manage what you still have left to complete and serves as a venue for all communication and paperwork within the Blueprint. Get started by logging in at with your Impact username and password. More information here. Questions? Email us at