Knowledge, Theology and Practical Interpretation of the Bible

A written paper demonstrates your competency in biblical interpretation and an ability to integrate the missional nature of God’s Story with Youth For Christ ministry​.


The Bible is God's Grand Narrative revealing Himself to man from the beginning of time to the end. 

  • Obtain The Mission of God’s People by C.J.H. Wright - 2010
  • Read the book and answer the questions at the end of each chapter
  • Write a paper, using your answers from the end of each chapter, around the theme of God’s missional story through the whole of the Bible. Include at least one page integrating how your ministry connects to God’s missional pursuit of man from the beginning of time.
  • Submit for completion
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    • Select the Ministerial Licensing Track
    • Select the Ministerial Licensing - Knowledge, Theology and Practical Interpretation of the Bible title and follow instructions
    • You will be contacted upon approval via email

Note: This requirement should be your own personal thoughts. Be aware of plagiarism; unsourced replication.