Housing Allowance

Housing Allowance Summary

Youth For Christ/USA (YFC) employees who qualify, may elect a portion of their salary to be taken as a ministerial housing allowance. In order to be considered for a housing allowance, you must be a minister, as defined by Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our YFC Ministerial Housing Allowance Policy outlines six criteria for determining one’s eligibility for housing allowance.

Submission and approval of a letter of assignment, copy of documentation from the ordaining, licensing, or commissioning body, and completion of a housing allowance designation worksheet are required.

A housing allowance offers ministers the ability to deduct a portion of their gross income that they spend on housing costs from their federal income taxes. Housing allowances can include all big-ticket housing expenses, such as mortgage payments, rent, utilities, home insurance, home improvements, and so much more.

The process for creating a housing allowance starts in the fall of each calendar year. A minister may ask the housing allowance committee to build in a housing allowance, or the committee may offer this benefit to a minister as they enter into the next year. The minister(s) will fill out a housing inventory to account for all their housing expenses. Then, the budget committee will provide the minister(s) with a notification of housing allowances. This notification will be used when the minister fills-out their taxes for the following year to ensure that their housing allowance remains untaxed.

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Housing Allowance Instructions and Form