Housing Allowance

Housing Allowance Summary

Youth For Christ/USA (YFC) staff and volunteers who qualify may elect a portion of their salary to be taken as a ministerial housing allowance. Submission and approval of a letter of assignment and other documentation from their ordaining, licensing or commissioning body, and completion of a housing allowance computation worksheet is required. YFC strongly recommends that you consult with a tax advisor for further details regarding the ministerial housing allowance. If you receive a ministerial housing allowance, that portion of your income is exempt from federal income taxes, but you are self-employed for Social Security tax purposes and are responsible for the entire tax portion of Social Security. Federal income taxes will be taken out of your pay for any income not included in the ministerial housing allowance. Upon request, additional federal income tax can be withheld for application toward self-employment taxes. 

Housing Allowance Instructions and form.