Beginning the Process

YFC staff or volunteer wishing to receive a YFC Ministerial License are required to have completed their Ministry or Executive Credential. Credential status is available to all staff. 

Veteran staff credentialed prior to the 2006 Blueprint pathway must also complete a One Heart Retreat and either a 3Story live training OR the 3Story online training videos (*), in addition to the licensure requirements.
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What are the licensure requirements?

Receive Ministry or Executive Credential

Download, complete and save Enrollment Form to begin process.

Request Completion and Upload Enrollment Form (above) via your Blueprint account. using your Impact credentials to log in. You will be notified of acceptance via email.

Complete Knowledge, Theology and Practical Interpretation of the Bible 
Complete Life Practice of Reflection and Action
Complete Leadership From the Shepherd's Perspective 


Purchase of two books to The Mission of God’s People by C.J.H. Wright - 2010 and Life Practice of Reflection book choice
$75 first year submission fee (upon completion of requirements)  
$50 additional re-issuance every five-year (it will be up to the licensee to contact YFC at for every five-year renewal) 


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