YFC Institute

Institute 2021

Institute 2021 will be replaced with online resources and cohorts to equip your new YFC staff and ministry leaders until they can attend Institute in 2022. More details on this opportunity can be found on the Events webpage - click here! 

Information below is for the live in person training event in 2022. 

Institute remains YFC’s foundational training ground; providing resources, relationships and experiences that nurture personal devotion to Jesus and equip leaders to fulfill the mission of YFC. Our training goal is to develop Christ-Centered Leaders in Authentic Christ-Sharing Relationships; forever becoming Story Tellers who are Missionally Focused, Committed to Excellence and Empowering Others.

These six phrases shape training modules that develop competencies in topics like:

Christ-Centered Leadership
3Story and How to Train Others in 3Story
Supervising Staff and Ministry Teams
Relational Ministry Actions
Ministry Processes
Volunteer Life Cycle


Module 1 Christ-Centered Leaders 101 - This module develops competencies such as:        

Maintains a daily personal prayer life.
Values daily scripture study and accurately handles God's Word.
Regularly studies scripture and is learning to accurately handle it.
Develops a culture that embraces spiritual disciplines and work that is guided by discerning prayer.
Module 2  Authentic Christ-Sharing Relationships 101 - This module develops competencies such as:
Lives 3Story with intentionality.
Models ACSRs to those they lead.
Maintains multiple ACSRs with young people, peers and/or family who do not yet know Jesus.
Module 3 StoryTellers 101 - This module develops competencies such as:
Shares the Gospel and invites a response.
Dynamically communicates the YFC story, mission and vision.
Module 4 Empowering Others 101 - This module develops competencies such as:
Embraces empowering philosophy as they support and lead teams.
Empowers team members in their own growth to move beyond where they are currently.
Maintains rhythm of site evaluation meetings within missional community.
Module 5 Missionally Focused 101 - This module develops competencies such as:
Understands Ministry Model Processes, Standards and Best Practices.
Articulates and communicates to teams: YFC mission, vision, 5 Essentials, Life of a Leader, RMAs and
     Statement of Faith.
Understands, embraces and implements collaborative community strategy in order to reach more lost kids.


For any questions regarding Institute, please email training@yfc.net.