YFC Academy - New Content Introduced in 2019

Learn how to accurately handle and communicate Biblical truth.

New this Year!

YFC Leader Development paused Institute and Academy in 2019 in an effort to align training with our Strategic Plan and work on Processes.  Moving forward, content formerly found in Academy will be housed in Online Training Units and Institute and include the following:

  • Online Unit 1, Dynamic Communicators Workshop is online. This is an excellent 4 hour class presented by former YFC staff member, Ken Davis. Once you register for the class by contacting training@yfc.net and pay, you will be given a link to the class. Please don't go straight to their website, we have a discount code so register through training@yfc.net.
  • After completing the DCW course, prepare and deliver a 3-5 minute talk, applying principles from DCW training. This talk may be delivered to the audience of your choice; a ministry site event, a Board Meeting or with co-workers.
  • In addition, your audience must include 2 official reviewers, including your supervisor, who will complete a written review (supplied by YFC LD after registration) which they will submit to YFC Leader Development via training@yfc.net.


*Note Leaders who have completed Institute and planned to attend Academy in order to complete their YFC Blueprint for Credential may complete the above in place of Academy.

If you have any questions relating to Academy classes, please contact training@yfc.net.