YFC Institute

YFC Leader Development is excited to launch Institute 2020!

January 4-11, 2020, arrive Jan 3rd and depart Jan 12th, Hilton Denver Inverness, 200 Inverness Drive West, Englewood CO, Register Now

Prerequisites: One Heart Retreat, On-line Orientation/5Essential Videos, Abuse Prevention Training by Praesidium

Institute remains YFC’s foundational training ground; providing resources, relationships and experiences that nurture personal devotion to Jesus and equip leaders to fulfill the mission of YFC. Our training goal is to develop Christ-Centered Leaders in Authentic Christ-Sharing Relationships; forever becoming Story Tellers who are Missionally Focused, Committed to Excellence and Empowering Others.

These six phrases shape training modules that develop competencies in topics like:

Christ-Centered Leadership
YFC Five Essentials
3Story and How to Train Others in 3Story
Supervising staff and ministry teams
Relational Ministry Actions
Ministry Processes
Volunteer Life Cycle

New in 2020!

In an effort to include site leaders who are volunteers, we have positioned Institute as a 9 day training event that spans over two weekends. Volunteers and part time staff should consider attending one weekend this year and one weekend the following if they are not able to attend the entire event. Attending the full 9 days is most cost effective, but we now offer this flexibility. This is highly effective training that will benefit all who attend. .


This year there is a slight change in costs and time.  The best way to understand this is to compare to 2018. In 2018 registration cost for Institute was $1570-$1770 plus travel, depending on when you registered.  Cost for Academy was $700-$900 plus travel, depending on when you registered. Total of 10 days away at Institute and Academy was $2270-$2670 plus travel for two trips to Denver.

In 2020 registration cost for Institute is $2050 (plus travel) for the whole 9-day experience. In addition, we have the new option of attending per module.

2020 Training Modules That Develop Leader Competencies

Split your time at Institute into two or more experiences to fit your schedules and include more leaders.  

You may attend in any combination of one or more of the five modules that make up the whole 9-day experience.  

Modules 1-4  costs $595 each, includes registration, meals and accommodations. 

Module 1 Christ-Centered Leaders 101 - This module develops competencies such as:        

Maintains a daily personal prayer life.
Values daily scripture study and accurately handles God's Word.
Regularly studies scripture and is learning to accurately handle it.
Develops a culture that embraces spiritual disciplines and work that is guided by discerning prayer.
Module 2  Authentic Christ-Sharing Relationships 101 - This module develops competencies such as:
Lives 3Story with intentionality.
Models ACSRs to those they lead.
Maintains multiple ACSRs with young people, peers and/or family who do not yet know Jesus.
Module 3 StoryTellers 101 - This module develops competencies such as:
Shares the Gospel and invites a response.
Dynamically communicates the YFC story, mission and vision.
Module 4 Empowering Others 101 - This module develops competencies such as:
Embraces empowering philosophy as they support and lead teams.
Empowers team members in their own growth to move beyond where they are currently.
Maintains rhythm of site evaluation meetings within missional community.
Module 5 costs $895, includes registration, meals and accommodations
Module 5 Missionally Focused 101 - This module develops competencies such as:
Understands Ministry Model Processes, Standards and Best Practices.
Articulates and communicates to teams: YFC mission, vision, 5 Essentials, Life of a Leader, RMAs and
     Statement of Faith.
Understands, embraces and implements collaborative community strategy in order to reach more lost kids.

Tentative Schedule:
Friday, January 3                Arrive anytime
Saturday, January 4            Module 1 Christ-Centered Leader 101
Sunday, January 5              Module 1 (con't) Christ-Centered Leader 101 (Weekenders can leave after 2pm)
Monday, January 6             Module 2 Authentic Christ-Sharing Relationships 101
Tuesday, January 7             Module 3 Story Tellers 101
Wednesday, January 8      Module 4 Empowering Others 101
Thursday, January 9           Module 4 (con't) Empowering Others 101
Friday, January 10              Module 5 Missionally Focused/Relational Ministry Actions 101
Saturday, January 11          Module 5 (con't) Missionally Focused/Relational Ministry Actions 101
Sunday, January 12            Attendees leave anytime

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For any questions regarding Institute, please email training@yfc.net.