YFC Institute

After much thought and prayer, it has become apparent that it is best that we do not hold YFC Institute or Academy in 2019. 

The reasons are:

  • With new standards being introduced, we need to determine the best way to train our newest staff from the start.  Institute and Academy seem like natural places but overhauling the curriculum will take some time.
  • With an increasing spotlight on volunteer leaders, some thought needs to be put into the delivery of training to them and if Institute and Academy need to be adapted to be more available to them.
  • The faculty of Institute and Academy are stretched to their capacity currently and so intentional space needs to be given to do the work of re-creating learner centered curriculum.
  • We do not want to continue to do something just because we always have.  We are pausing to move from excellent to even more excellent and more relevant.

In the absence of Institute and Academy for one year, we realize there are some new staff that will be left without these excellent learning experiences. 

Our suggestions to mitigate this gap are:

  • Attend your regional One Heart. ( this remains a required first step in the blueprint)
  • Complete the 5 Essentials workshop on line.
  • Attend a live 3Story experience locally/regionally or complete the one online.
  • Complete the collaboration workshop online.
  • Complete the statement of faith paper.
  • All staff affected will be given 3 years to complete their Leadership Blueprint (instead of the standard two years.)