Due dates included in each assignment

Game Plan Coaching

By February 2020: Set up an appointment with your direct supervisor.

Executive Directors and Supervisors have been informed about your Game Plan creation. The Training Team has suggested that they meet with you within 30 days of your return from Institute to discuss your action plan with you.

By February, 2020: Set up your Field Coaching Call

During Institute, you were given opportunities to pause and complete Game Plan pages in your notebook that represent action steps you will take in the months following Institute. Our National Ministries Team has trained and assigned field coaches who will encourage and assist you as you move through your Game Plans.  Expect a phone call, email or text from a coach by the end of February 2020.  It is your responsibility to respond to the coaching invitation, set up a 30-minute phone call and talk through your action steps with your coach. Please know that your direct supervisors will be informed that these coaching appointments are being set up in order to align support efforts between chapter/affiliates and national leaders. 

By February 2020: Respond to the Survey about Game Plan Action Steps (sent from

By December 2020: Respond to Year-end Game Plan Survey (sent from           

3Story in Regions

Follow the instructions included in the 3Story Institute Training (see document in notebook titled “3Story Regional Assignment”) work with your regional team to deliver a 3Story Training in your region. 

By December 2020: Send your Summary Report to