Sabbath Resources

Sabbath Resources, produced by Mario Butler, Alec Cross, Mikey Kim and Stacey Oswald, West Michigan Youth For Christ

The English word Sabbath comes from the Hebrew word “Shabbat: which means “to stop”. As we recount from Genesis, the first Sabbath was a day of rest. Sabbath is a day where we stop; stop working, stop wanting, stop worrying . . . simply stop and pause. Sabbath is a spirit of restfulness in God’s love. It carries a mindset of contentment in who we are as humans and who God is; that we are limited and God is limitless. There are two attitudes that we enter into Sabbath with – rest and delight. This time is used to rest from work, rest in God’s loving presence and to rest from many of the burdens of this world. This time is also for delighting – delighting in who God is, what God has been doing, enjoying good food or drink and celebrating with family or friends.

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