Frequently Asked Questions

Why does YFC offer a Ministerial License?

Youth for Christ USA currently offers a number of formal pathways for leaders to grow and be recognized for their professional preparation.

In 2015 YFC USA was re-classified as a 509 (a)(1) and 170 (b)(1)(a)(i) organization. In their language that is an Association of Churches.

When the qualifying criteria is met by the applicant, full benefits of this designation under the law, will be accounted to YFC leaders as ministers. 

It has been deemed beneficial to extend Ministerial License designation to our leaders for the following reasons:

  • Strengthen interdependency as licensed leaders are aligned by receiving the same training in theology, spiritual practices, and a mindset to move forward in ministry.
  • Open more pulpits and opportunities to speak.  Some denominational pulpits are not accessible to non-licensed ministers so that becoming a licensed minister under YFC provides more opportunities to share the mission of Youth for Christ.
  • May provide additional visiting privileges at hospitals and other institutions
  • May permit qualifying ministers use of Housing Allowance for tax advantages 

Is this designation a license or an ordination?

YFC Ministerial License (NOT ordination) is available to those with YFC Credentials who seek enhanced, formally recognized professional development.

Why doesn’t YFC offer a Ministerial Ordination?

Licensure has been chosen over ordination to avoid misunderstanding by various denominations. YFC licensure involves credible standards that are straight forward to explain.

Denominational ordination tends to have a variety of meanings depending on the context.  For many denominations, ordination infers various definitions, purposes and qualifications often which can be doctrinally dependent. For many denominations, ordination implies completion of a seminary course of instruction, inquiry before a panel, formal celebration and recognition.  In order to avoid misunderstanding and to provide credible standards, YFC USA has decided upon conferring licensure status rather than ordination.

What does this imply regarding IRS rulings?

Note YFC Ministerial Housing Allowance Policy 

Who is eligible to apply for a YFC Ministerial License designation?

All YFC staff wishing to receive their YFC Ministerial License are required to complete their Ministry or Executive Credential. Credential status is available to all employed staff. Existing ministry staff credentials are the foundational preparation. Successfully fulfilling five additional steps achieve eligibility. 

Veteran staff credentialed prior to the 2006 Blueprint pathway must also complete a One Heart Retreat and the 3Story prerequisite, in addition to the additional licensure requirements. 

What are the steps to receive a YFC Ministry License designation?

Required additional steps beyond credentialling: not in sequential order

How will a Ministerial License be noted?

YFC USA will issue a certificate and a wallet-size card of licensure upon completion of Licensure Prerequisites and upon re-licensure.

What is the cost to receive a ministerial license?

Beside the time and effort required to complete the preparation, financial costs include purchase of books and a processing fee of $75 initially, $50 renewal.

Who is responsible to oversee a person’s licensing process?

It will be the responsibility of the licensee to ensure that:

  1. Annually the local Board of Directors minutes reflect that the licensee is still employed.  If the licensee is claiming a housing allowance the amount must be reflected in the minutes as well.
  2. Every five years the licensee is responsible to ensure that a copy of the past five years’ board minutes (see #1) are sent to YFC USA, YFC USA will then update the license.

Is receiving a license a one-time occurrence?

The YFC USA Ministerial License must be renewed every five years to remain valid. Renewal Process

What is the renewal process?

Annually the local Board of Directors minutes must reflect that the licensee is still employed.If the licensee is claiming a housing allowance the amount must be reflected in the minutes as well.

Every five years the licensee is responsible to ensure that a copy of the past five years’ local chapter board minutes is sent to YFC USA.If the licensed minister is deemed to meet YFC USA’s qualifications,YFC USA will then update the license. Send to

Can the Ministerial License be revoked or withdrawn?

The ministerial license will be revoked upon departure of employment of any YFC entity if the licensee is found in noncompliance of the Living the Life of a Leader commitment.

The ministerial license will be withdrawn if the licensee leaves the ministry of YFC.