Before attending Institute, there are a few pre-assignments for you to complete BEFORE January 4:

  1. Complete On-Line Training Courses, using your Impact credentials to log in, obtained from your local Impact Manager.
  2. Watch this video, then practice logging into Knowledge Base and watch the Introduction to Knowledge Base Video by Dan Wolgemuth (5.37 min long) and the “Knowledge Base Training (3.15 min long)

  3. Download and Complete Learning Styles Assessment, . Score your own test and bring results to Institute. (Approx. 20 minutes)

  4. Purchase and read Henri Nouwen’s book, A Spirituality of Fundraising. As you read, consider the following reflective questions and be prepared to share responses during Institute. 

    • Here are the two questions to reflect on before Institute:
      • The Spirituality of Fundraising contains eight small chapters, each with big thoughts.  Which impacted you the most and why?
      • On a scale of 1-10, 1 being low, 10 being high, rate your “joy” factor regarding the role you serve in fundraising before you read the book and then after you read the book.  Why the change, if any?
  5. Check out the Institute 2020 web page, for information on travel, schedule and post-Institute Assignments.

As some of the above assignments take you to, you will note other required trainings to complete your credential. It can feel overwhelming and we are here to help! Link up with your supervisor for support along the way. We encourage you to track your Blueprint progress and contact the Training Department when you have questions!


Click here for more information on beginning your Leadership Blueprint and tracking your progress.

Click here to access YFC's onine training, hosted by Learn Socially.

Email with any questions.